Communications strategy

We can analyse and evaluate your existing communications activities and tell you how you are performing against your own criteria. We can also help you develop a new communications strategy to meet your wider organizational objectives.

Monitoring and evaluation

Are your communications activities achieving their goals?

Regular, objective appraisal is a crucial part of a good communications strategy. We can help you plan and implement monitoring and evaluation of your communications products, processes and events, enabling you to prove their worth and to identify areas where you could do better. Website review is a particularly valuable part of this service, allowing you to identify user-friendly improvements in both design and content.

View some examples of our work on communications evaluation.

Strategy development

Do you need a new communications strategy? If you have ambitious organizational objectives that involve communicating your messages to specific but diverse audiences, then you should talk to us.

Under the leadership of an experienced communications strategist, Green Ink can help you:

  • set realistic communications objectives in line with your organization’s goals
  • identify your target audiences and define your key messages
  • determine the best channels, tools and activities for reaching your audiences
  • assess the capacity and budget needed to support your communications activities
  • develop tools and processes for evaluating the effectiveness of your communications activities
  • implement your communications strategy.

Our approach can be tailored for use across different levels, from the whole organization or family of organizations, through programmes or networks, down to individual projects, campaigns, initiatives or events.

We can also help when a strategy is needed to achieve a specific objective, such as developing a new website, tackling a problem area (such as distribution), or managing communications on controversial issues.

View some examples of our communications strategy work.


We can offer support in developing the skills and knowledge of your communications staff. This can take the form of bespoke distance training or visits for individuals, or group workshops conducted on location. Topics covered include science writing and editing, graphic design, website development and project management.

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