Multimedia service

Modern communications is a multimedia affair and we operate across both digital and print media. We know how to make your message work on electronic platforms, including websites, e-newsletters, social media and apps, as well as in more traditional hard-copy formats.

Working closely with your staff, we can create brands and designs that look great across electronic and hard-copy products, integrating this with the generation of content tailored to specific media and outlets. This includes mobile-friendly designs and content, essential for reaching today’s expanding readership of people on the move. We will source images for all platforms and rich media content for digital devices. And we can research, write, edit, translate and proofread written content for all media, adapting it for different platforms according to need.

As well as designing and generating digital content, we can build websites and create other digital outputs, including apps. We have partnerships in place to cover coding requirements in the more specialized platforms.

We can undertake specific social media and online campaigns dedicated to particular programmes or in support of your wider organizational objectives. We can also manage a programme of continual updates on your social media content and websites. In all cases, we adopt a participatory approach, working interactively with your staff to make sure we meet your needs.

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